Nick History

What's a 12 year old boy supposed to do, but play in a rock and roll band?  Yep, Nick Piunti joined his first band when he was that young.  "The guitar's bigger than him" was often heard at their performances.  Learning to rock at that young age, and relying heavy on learning cover songs by The Stones, Beatles, and The Who, was the start of a life long pursuit in perfecting the three minute pop/rock song.  Nick wrote, recorded and released his first single at the age of 15 in the band Dwarf, and has lost neither his passion or joy of making records in the years (decades) that have followed.

Years of writing and recording have yielded three solo albums, two albums with Detroit's Respectables, and songs featured in both film and network television.  Creating timeless, rock music has always been Nick's goal, and it seems to be getting a bit easier with each passing year.  There's really no formula or short cut to getting this done.  Always being in the songwriting mode helps, and also blending many influences into something that doesn't  borrow too heavily from any one artist or song. 

Nick's newest release, "Trust Your Instincts" (on New Jersey's Jem Records) takes off from where both critically acclaimed discs, 2015's "Beyond the Static" and 2013's  "13 in My Head" left off.   Again produced by Geoff Michael at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor, Michigan, these 10 songs of power pop, indie rock, adult alternative songs hit hard in the hooks department and offer something to think about, not just hum about. Nick is joined again by  Donny Brown (The Verve Pipe), Andy Reed (American Underdog, The Verve Pipe), and Ryan Allen (Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms, Destroy This Place, Friendly Foes),  Dave Feeny (American Mars) and Rachael Davis special guest star as well.  "Trust Your Instincts" is getting  heavy air play on The Loft Sirius XM 30, and many more like minded stations across the globe.
Power pop, indie rock singer/songwriter, adult alternative, maybe all of the above, but it always comes down to the song above everything else.