Artist Biography 

You know the story, kid gets a guitar for Christmas, never puts it down, moves to L.A. with his childhood band to find that power pop was no match for Hair Metal. Sticking to his musical guns, he retreats back home, gets married, and while raising three beautiful girls, (with a most understanding wife), continues to record and release albums.

After two fine LPs and an EP fronting Detroit’s “The Respectables” Nick Piunti hit reset with 2013's "13 in My Head". A logical continuation, just a bit more personal, melodic, and still rocking like he was 13. That was just the start as since then Nick has released three more albums, 2015’s “Beyond the Static”, 2016’s Jem Records debut “Trust your Instincts” and 2018’s “Temporary High”. 

Nick recently solidified his live band with Ron Vensko/Drums (Thunderharp Choir, Hello Human), Jeff Hupp/Bass (The Atomic Numbers, Scott Fab) and Kevin Darnall Keys (The Kat Beal Band), collectively now known as Nick Piunti and The Complicated Men. Expect a new album from Nick & TCM in 2020.  






Nick Piunti is a Detroit-based singer/songwriter with roots in classic rock and the early power pop movement. Raised in Riverview, Michigan just outside of Detroit, he formed his first band, Dwarf, with three of his sixth-grade classmates to play at their school's talent show. Dwarf would remain together for the next 14 years, gaining regional attention for their high-energy performances and melodic sound, which would later be identified as power pop. 

Changing their band's name to The Take, they relocated to L.A., but were unable to fully connect with the hard rock and hair metal sound of the times, eventually disbanding and moving back to Michigan. Through the years, Piunti continued recording, releasing a solo album and gigging regionally. After spending some time away from the music industry to raise his family, he returned to the studio in 2002 and recorded a self-titled LP, beginning a new era in his career.  

Soon he formed a new band in the power pop vein called The Respectables, who released their self-titled debut in 2005. A second album, Sibley Gardens, followed in 2008, earning national attention; it saw a couple of its songs placed in film (Jeff Who Lives at Home) and television (Mercy). The Respectables released a final EP, 3, in 2010 before going their separate ways. 

No long after, Piunti began working with Detroit guitarist and songwriter Ryan Allen, of Thunder Birds are Go!, Friendly Foes and Exrta Arms,  and  collaborated on a group of songs that would eventually appear on his critically lauded 2013 solo release, 13 in My Head. Recorded in Ann Arbor with producer/engineer Geoff Michael, it set up a burgeoning partnership that would yield three more LPs over the next three years. First came 2015's sprightly Beyond the Static, followed in close succession by Trust Your Instincts, and Temporary High that made many year-end "Best Of" lists and became "The Coolest Song in the World" on Little Steven's Underground Garage for the week of July 23, 2018.  

Now playing with the newly-formed Complicated Men made up of other Detroit rock vets - Ron Vensko/Drums (Thunderharp Choir, Hello Human), Jeff Hupp/Bass (The Atomic Numbers, Scott Fab) and Kevin Darnall Keys (The Kat Beal Band), the band has returned to the studio and will release a new album on Jem Records in early 2020.  


- Timothy Monger